Tattibogoes cups
The Bob McCann Memorial Cup Current Holder - Ian Collins

Awarded to the player with the seasons highest average.
Bob McCann sadly passed away only a year after the team were formed, so having given the team it's name, the players thought it would be fitting to engrave the main trophy in Bob's Honour.
Dave Pryce is currently the proud holder of this award after finishing season 2014/15 with an average of 31.73.
Previous winners have been:
Ian Collins (17), Rob Weale (3), Mark Williams & Stuart Griffiths

The Les Ball Memorial Cup Current Holder - Ian Collins
awarded to the most improved player of the season.
Les Ball was a founder member who sadly passed away on 9th August 2003. It was an honour for all to have such a great man as a team mate. He showed the way with his endless enthusiasm & had a fantastic sense of humour. Having played a big part in helping the Tatti's win every division, he retired true champion in 1997.
The cup is kindly donated by former Tatti Chris Thomas & is currently held by Russell Cheasley who improved his previous seasons average by 2.04 pins.
The Jack Kearn Memorial Cup
Current Holder - Neil Alden & Phil Hill
Awarded to the player with the highest score.
Jack Kearn was a founder member of the team and played 42 matches. This cup was kindly presented to the team by his relatives and because Jack was the first player to achieve 40 at their first home alley (Golden Lion), it was obvious to all that it should be presented to the player with the highest score of the season.
Current holder is Ali Hunt (48).
The Steve Vaughan 'loads-of-money' Cup
Current Holder - Russell Cheasley
Awarded to the player paying the most fines.
Founder member Steve Vaughan was forced to place his skittles activities on hold when he decided to enroll on an Architects course at University. On his departure he presented this trophy.
The cup is currently held by Stuee Griffiths.
Others who have been presented with it are
Gareth Embry (3), Russell Cheasley (2), Allan Farr, Rodders (2), Stuee Griffiths (2), Big Ron, Mark Jones (2), Phil Hill, Hans Baranzeck, Martin Price, Craig Stephens, & Mark Williams.